Comic DNA

We've got a new podcast called Comic DNA.  

Every other Wednesday Aaron Walther and co-host Luke Thompson-Moritz will read and discuss a different comic.  The podcast is hosted by Podbean, and you can follow us at http://comicdna.podbean.com.  We will also be updating new episodes here. 

For our very first episode, we take a look at Jeff Smith's(Bone, RASL) take on Captain Marvel in Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil.  Needless to say, Aaron and Luke are both big fans of Jeff Smith and this book delivers all the Smithy goodness any fan would expect from him.  Equal parts homage and reinvention, Smith presents the world of Captain Marvel in a style highly reminiscient of the classic original version of the character published by Fawcett Comics in the 1940's.  

Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil is a must read for any fan of Jeff Smith or Captain Marvel.



Listen to or download the podcast at http://comicdna.podbean.com/ or click on the "podcast" tab at the top of newhavencomics.com.  Thanks for listening, and be sure to come back in two weeks for episode 02, where Luke and Aaron read and discuss Miracleman Book One by Alan Moore, Gary Leach, and Alan Davis. 

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