Zero's Heroes Hiatus.

Zero's Heroes is going on a hiatus.

Dang, I hate writing that.  The fact of the matter is I have a bunch of projects I'm working on right now that I would like to have ready for the conventions next spring (Planet Comicon, C2E2, etc) and I just don't have the time or resources to do all of them, so something had to give.

Zero's Heroes Annual 2 penciled by Sergio Apodaca, inked by Nick Hadley

But don't despair, we are not stopping Zero's Heroes entirely.  We are currently working on Zero's Heroes Annual #2, which, like the first issue, will have 2 new short stories by Sergio Apodaca and Sara Rude.  Here is a page from "Multifarious" penciled by Sergio Apodaca and inked by Nick Hadley.  This short story will give us another look at the unnamed villain that appeared in Chapter 04 of Zero's Heroes and his fight with Aegis.


In addition to that, we have also (finally) brought back The Celestial.  The new Celestial chapter will update every Monday in place of Zero's Heroes.   I'm happy to get the Celestial back in action and this chapter guest stars Zero's Heroes, too! 


One of the other projects I'm working on is a dark comedy/supervillain book called The Amoral Stingray.  It's sort of a spin off from Zero's Heroes, in that it takes place in New Haven and will have one ancillary Zero's Heroes character as a regular supporting character, but other than that I'm keeping it pretty separated from the continuity.  Read a preview over at my blog.


We are also working on the next issue of Science Hero, which will contain a new installment of Time Agent Z, Relative Space, and Dogtown.  Check out this preview page from Relative Space.  Art by Kevin Bandt.  It's gunna be great.


I've also got a new project I'm working on with Chris McJunkin, but I don't have any art to show for that, sorry.  Anyway, stay tuned to newhavencomics.com, we will still be updating new pages of Original Ladykillers and Celestial, as well as our new podcast, Comic DNA.  

Thanks for reading!


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