Comic DNA Episode 04 - Blacksad

Comic DNA #04 - BLACKSAD

Aaron and Luke discuss the European crime noir talking animals comic BLACKSAD!  Written by Juan Diaz Canales and illustrated by Juanjo Guarnido and republished by Dark Horse Comics in 2010.  

This lavishly watercolored noir comic follows private detective, John Blacksad over the course of three cases.  Set in 1950's America, Blacksad tries to solve murders, kidnappings, and even a communist conspiracy.

From the podcast:

"If you've read a lot of Raymond Chandler, if you've seen a lot of these [noir] movies and read a lot of these [noir] books, everything in Blacksad will be very, very familiar to you, but the genius of [Blacksad] is how well it's all presented, specifically with the "talking animal" style..."



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