Comic DNA Episode 09

Comic DNA Episode 10 - Deadpool by Joe Kelly & Pete Woods

For the tenth episode of Comic DNA, Luke and Aaron read the eleventh issue of Deadpool. Written by Joe Kelly and penciled by Pete Woods (with special appearance by Stan Lee & John Romita). In this classic issue, Deadpool and his prisoner companion Blind Al accidentally travel back in time and take the place of Peter Parker and Aunt May! Deadpool has to figure out how to get his friend Weasel (now a nerdy student in the past) to fix his teleporter lest they be stuck in the past forever. Kelly and Woods integrate Deadpool into the events of the 1967 issue of The Amazing Spider-man #47. Woods deftly reuses and edits Romita's original artwork, mixing and matching it with new pages to create an alternate story where Deadpool hangs out with Harry Osborn, relentlessly hits on Gwen Stacy, and fights Kraven the Hunter. Published by Marvel Comics in 1997.


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