Comic DNA Episode 11

Comic DNA Episode 11 - Sam & Max by Steve Purcell

On this week's episode, Luke and Aaron are joined by special guest Anthony Comito of Scorpigator Films to discuss his favorite comic, Sam & Max: Surfin the Highway, written and drawn by Steve Purcell. Sam & Max can loosely be described as a surreal satire of noir tropes combined with classic cartoon absurdism. Purcell's characters have appeared in a variety of media including comics, video games, and Saturday Morning Cartoons, but it all started here in this collection of the first Sam & Max comics printed in the late 1980's. The collected edition was first published by Marlowe & Company in 1995. And of course, be sure to check out Anthony's Youtube Channel, Scorpigator Films!


Download and listen to the episode at comicdna.podbean.com!

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