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Greetings, friends! Long time, no see. I realize that it's been unacceptably quiet around here, and for that I apologize. Although I have been slow to update anything around here, I assure you I have been busy working on new comics.

First and foremost, I am writing a new comic with artist, Ed Bickford, called The Birdlander, which can be read at www.thebirdlander.com. It's a post apocalyptic drama about society trying to rebuild itself in a world overrun by dinosaurs and other monsters. The main character is a young woman searching for a legendary warrior.

But The Birdlander isn't the only thing I'm working on. I'm also working on a Zero's Heroes spinoff called The Amoral Stingray. It is a four issue series illustrated by Kevin Bandt and Teo Gonzalez about a young man who, after gaining superpowers, decided to pursue a life of villainy instead of heroics. I've been talking about this book for a while now, and we're finally going forward with it. The first issue is complete and we are currently working on the second issue. I'm not ready to show it off, just yet, because we're still deciding on the best method to publish it, but you can read a preview of it here at http://www.aaronwalther.com/#/amoral-stingray.

And if you're wondering about Zero's Heroes, all I can say right now is that Chris McJunkin, Sara Rude, and I are working on the next chapter, but we won't have anything to show for a little while.

If you're planning on going to any Comic Conventions in the midwest, I will be at Planet Comicon in May, St. Louis Comic in June, and Kansas City Comicon in August.

See you in the funny pages,

Aaron Walther

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